National Events

Major events with 30,000 visitors and guests and above require professional vendors. Vendors that understand volume, queue times, public liability and compliance matters, staff training, product guarantees, service standards and even ISO9001. Their professional experience brings a ‘can do’ attitude.

Our management team has the experience of the Rugby World Cup in 2011. This tournament had 3 major events every week for six weeks. Our team was making 33,600 Fresh Hot Donuts per hour when the French team caused a mini heart attack for the 52,000 spectators at Eden Park! We did not panic. We stayed calm and watched as the Men in Black became World Champions. Again!

We use the Salami Technique to achieve the impossible. Our moto – Please don’t tell us that it can’t be done, it may be that you have not seen it done before.

Our offerings currently include Fresh Hot Donuts, Barista coffee, Fresh Hot Churro (with the saucing station), Rosti Express (Gluten-Free Potato Fritter) and the famous Shaved Ice (with the Flavour Station).

We are familiar with Posboss, Waiyver, AWOP and other solutions.

If you are planning a major event and would like to discuss your food options we would LOVE to hear from you.

Keith Jaques, Tel 0800 132 533 or 027 451 0026.  


Local Events

We have an AMAZING team that LOVE their customers (just like you LOVE a coffee first thing in the morning – especially if it is accompanied with some Fresh Hot Donuts). We have a special scheme that involves select team members getting a ‘Degree without the Debt’. They will fund their living costs and study costs by taking their donut, churro or rosti caravan to your Farmers Market or local event.

These AMAZING staff have been trained with our proven systems and processes. They will form friendships with their local community while having the National support of our management team.

We have prepared a DIY kit that allows busy customers to make their own Fresh Hot Donuts at home 24/7. These DIY Kits are available at local events and also via Trademe. The Gluten-Free option is going to make some folk very happy!

If you would like references from our current Farmers Markets or local event organisers please make contact now.

Keith Jaques, Tel 0800 132 533 or 027 451 0026.  



Donut Express has very strong beliefs surrounding the ‘Pay it Forward’ concept.
If you share these values and seek to raise a bucket of cash then we should chat.
If you seek to raise a tonne of cash then we should most definitely talk NOW.

Keith Jaques, Tel 0800 132 533 or 027 451 0026.