Are you planning a Life Degree, University Degree or Polytech Degree?

How will you fund the course costs and your living costs?

You could get a student loan, get a job or sell and an organ or two!!

Or, take a look at operating your own Donut Express caravan!

We have been in the business of making and selling Fresh Hot Donuts at events for more than 16 years. These years of experience have confirmed that the customer LOVES our donuts. Plus, the business model makes great profit.

We have enough money already so there is no requirement for us to generate more income.

Our business has employed first time employees and other young people for many years. It is a privilege for us to be able to assist them to gain the necessary funds and skills as they start off in life.

Our ‘Get a degree without the debt’ is one step up from employment. It is an opportunity for someone to run their own business to generate the funds required to meet their goals.

  • What would you be doing if you had all the money you required, and education was FREE??
  • Did you know that just because you can make a great donut that it does not automatically mean that you can run a business that makes great donuts!

Our process has great clarity and is easy to follow.

If you have an interest in learning to run your own business so that you can generate the cash required to meet your needs, then please continue reading.

  1. Quantify your living costs for the year
  2. Quantify your study costs for the year
  3. Quantify your availability for your time over the next year. (Weekly or monthly)
  4. Learn your Wealth Dynamics profile via the WD platform
  5. Gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses
  6. Come to work with our team for one or two shifts to get a feel of the work we do
  7. Meet our Donut Mentor and discuss your options
  8. Receive our disclosure document
  9. Receive the operating agreement
  10. Receive the Donut caravan, cooker, POS, EFTPOS and manuals
  11. Book your first event and welcome your staff trainer
  12. Trade your first event
  13. Submit your event paperwork and receive your sales report
  14. Meet your donut mentor and discuss the reports
  15. Tweak things and complete your second event.
  16. Submit your event paperwork and receive your sales report
  17. Meet your donut mentor and discuss the reports
  18. Repeat steps 15 to 17


  1. The entry cost is $1.00.
  2. You will pay your own wages, the site fee (if any), equipment lease fee and COG.
  3. All remaining profit is yours.
  4. Have a think about what you would like this opportunity to do for you then,
  5. Please telephone Keith Jaques on 0800 132 533 to discuss further